From infancy to worldwide success, our ripple to wave effect

Little Ripple Marketing is a Gold Coast based digital marketing firm who will tailor a strategy to assist your business with expansion, regardless of the size.

Increase your customer reach, profit margin and everything in between with the help of our creative and marketing professionals who aspire to deliver the highest quality services in the most personalised manner.

We want to help you transition from an SME to a large enterprise through in-depth analysis and tactical approaches intertwined in every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

Maintaining constant progression with all clients is of the utmost importance to Little Ripple Marketing. We have worked with our clients from their initial establishment, full of doubt and in need of guidance and transitioned with them to generate multimillion-dollar profit for their business.









web design digital marketing


Our mission is to create websites that enhance professionalism and give a competitive edge to your business. We use the latest technologies and build all of our websites with clean code with SEO in mind.

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Having an overall marketing strategy is vital to the success of your business. At Little Ripple Marketing we have created strategies for small businesses that have turned over millions of dollars in revenue and transformed them into medium to corporate sized enterprises.

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digital marketing
adwords digital marketing


Adwords is an advertising service that ranks your website advertisement on page 1 of search engine results. All staff at Little Ripple Marketing hold a full Google Adwords certification from Google.

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Our graphic design and branding packages include everything you need to bring your branding ideas and concepts to life, along with tonnes of tips and tricks that we have learnt over the years that will save you from making simple but costly mistakes.

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graphic design digital marketing


Email Marketing is one of the leading forms of digital advertising in the world today. At Little Ripple Marketing we use advanced platforms to create content that your customers can interact and identify with, leading to sales and brand awareness.

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email marketing
Social media marketing


It has never been a better time to invest and reap the benefits that social media has to offer.  Social Media advertising lets you directly target the most defined audiences that marketing has ever seen.

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Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting a website to rank one page 1 of search engine results organically. What sets Little Ripple Marketing apart from its competitors in this service is the quality of the work conducted by our specialists.

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SEO digital marketing


Your quality of design is a direct reflection of your businesses core values and strengths. Customers will critique your company or decide to engage with you based purely on the effectiveness of your branding. At Little Ripple Marketing, we always design with the end consumer in mind. Our consumer analysts will interact with your various platforms to gain understanding of the psychology behind customer interaction with your business, specifically. From this, our creative team will collaborate to produce the most aesthetically pleasing yet functional design work for your business.


Consumer acquisition strategies involve the perfect combination of platform utilisation and engagement tools. To successfully acquire your consumer you need to focus on the overall creation and execution of campaigns, while always keeping in mind your target market and competitors.


The consumer retention process is more often than not, neglected by businesses. At Little Ripple Marketing, we acknowledge the lack of focus in this area that disadvantages many businesses as we understand that consumers, who are already aware of your product or service, are the ones who are more likely to purchase from you. At Little Ripple we will re-target these existing customers and by repeatedly converting them ensure your business reaps the benefits.

digital marketing


Creative Director

Georgina Davies

Whilst Georgina's tertiary education has been in traditional marketing majority of her work has been in digital - earning millions of dollars in revenue from strategies she has personally developed. She has a design background but gets her real highs from data and analytics!

Graphic Designer

Sarah Major

Sarah has over 10 year experience in the graphic design industry, paired with her tertiary qualification and eye for design. Whilst Sarah loves all graphic design work her true passion is with branding and re-branding.

Business Development Manager

Lee Blowers

Lee’s background in Marketing and Audio Engineering and his experience with Digital Marketing helps clients decipher the tech talk, by explaining all aspects clearly and concisely to clients. Lee also heads up our SEO team, providing strategic guidance and support to the SEO team making sure the best long term tactics are used to increase traffic, leads, and rankings to our clients’ websites.

Web Development

Amreetaa Raj

Amreetaa is our web developer and has an extensive range of knowledge and experience across all platforms. Amreetaa also has a design background giving her the perfect balance between code & design.