40+ Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2020

Social media is a big part of our lives. For many individuals, social networking is actually used daily for entertainment, socialisation, as well as news consumption.

Additionally, during the last 2 decades, it’s risen as one of the main advertising channels.

With more than forty % of the world’s population on social media, it is critical your business devise a highly effective social media strategy to achieve the intended market of yours.

But whether you are pitching a social media campaign to the boss of yours or even determining which social media platform the business of yours must place paid advertising and marketing behind, it is crucial you make use of data to allow for your efforts.

Here, we have compiled a summary of 40+ important social media stats to make certain you know where you can focus the marketing efforts of yours in 2020 to get probably the highest ROI.

Social Media Marketing Statistics/Data 2019 

  • 42% of the world’s population uses social media. That’s over 3 billion users worldwide. (Statista)
  • To break it down, 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users. (Emarketer)
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. (GlobalWebIndex)
  • Each person spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social networks and messaging. (Globalwebindex)
  • 366 million new people started using social media in the past year. That’s more than a million new people joining social media every single day. (Hootsuite)

Facebook Statistics

  • Facebook usage among teens is dropping gradually according to the latest social media statistics. While 71% of teens claimed to use the platform in 2015, the number has now dropped to 51%. (Pew Research Center)
  • 68% of Americans use Facebook. (Pew Research Center)
  • 74% of Facebook users check it daily. (Pew Research Center)
  • Most people access Facebook around eight times each day. (SmartInsights)
  • 96% of Facebook users access it on mobile. (Statista)
  • If your Facebook ads contain images, then they will be between 75% and 90% more effective. (Consumer Acquisition)
  • 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads on a regular basis. (Social Media Examiner)
  • At least 3% of Facebook profiles are fake. (Facebook)
  • The best time to post on Facebook is weekdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Wednesday is the best day to post while Sundays show the least traffic. (Sprout Social)

Twitter Statistics

  • 326 million people use Twitter every month. (PR Newswire)
  • 9% more people [than seen in previous reports] are now using Twitter on a daily basis. (PR Newswire)
  • 24% of adults in the U.S. use Twitter. (Statista)
  • Link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with tweets. (HubSpot)
  • 83% of the people who sent a Tweet to a company and received a response, felt better about the company and were more likely to do business with them. (Twitter)
  • Only 3 percent of Tweets about customer service issues call out the company’s username with the @ symbol. (Marketing Land)
  • People are 31% more likely to recall what they saw on Twitter vs. general online browsing. (Twitter)
  • 53% of users say they bought a product they first saw on Twitter. (WebFX)
  • Twitter ads are 11% more effective than TV ads during live events. (Twitter)
  • The best times to post on Twitter are Wednesdays at 9am and Fridays at 9am. The best days to post are Tuesday and Wednesday, while Saturday sees the least engagement. (Sprout Social)

Instagram Statistics

  • Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, and 500 million of them use it daily. (Instagram)
  • Instagram continues to attract a younger audience with 72% of teens saying that they use the platform. (Sprout Social)
  • 59% of Instagram users are under the age of 30. (Statista)
  • Ad spending on Instagram is 23% higher than on Facebook according to an internal analysis by Merkle. (DigiDay)
  • Videos get 21.2% more interactions compared to images and 18.6% more interactions compared to carousels. (Sprout Social)
  • 71% of US businesses use Instagram. It surpassed Twitter in business users in 2017. (eMarketer)
  • The best times to post on Instagram are Wednesday at 11am and Friday from 10-11am. Wednesday is the overall best day to post while Sunday sees the least amount of engagement. (Sprout Social)

LinkedIn Statistics

  • There over 530 million user profiles on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)
  • 80% of social media B2B leads come from LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)
  • Over 46% of all social media traffic to company websites comes from LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)
  • The best times to post on LinkedIn are Wednesdays from 9-10 a.m. and 12 p.m. The best day for posting is Wednesday and the day with the least engagement is Sunday. (Sprout Social)

YouTube Statistics

  • YouTube is the preferred form of social media marketing worldwide. 83% of all consumers prefer it. (Hubspot)
  • 54% of all people want marketers to put out more video content, and this is an excellent place to begin. (Hubspot)
  • Most of YouTube’s user base is male. The ratio is 55% men to 45% women. (Journalism.org)
  • 96% of all teens in the United States use YouTube. (Forrester)

Social Media Consulting Services 

Many businesses hire external social media consulting agencies to manage their voice and reputation online. Alternatively, some businesses create roles in-house for a social media consultant — this is someone who is responsible for increasing brand awareness, responding to customer service complaints across social media platforms, and engaging with your audience online.

Whether you’re considering hiring an external social media consulting service or creating a role in-house, take a look at these trends that demonstrate the importance of social media consulting:

  • 71% of consumers who’ve had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. (Ambassador)
  • 80% of companies online are under the impression that they deliver exceptional social media customer service, while only 8% of their customers say they agree. (Smart Insights)
  • 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business. (Buffer)
  • Social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases with 37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through the channel. (PWC)
  • Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50% of Gen Z and 42% of millennials. (Adobe)
  • 50% of consumers say that seeing user-generated content would increase their chances of buying products through a brand’s social media. (Curalate)

Social Media Plan

These stats have provided you the data you have to work with, now it is some time to put the knowledge of yours to use and make the own social media plan.

Allow me to share 6 actions you will have to take to make sure the social media of your social media plan is effective:


Set objectives that are clear. Figure out where your company would like to go as far as the business sense and social media numbers. The clearer and a lot more detailed the vision, the greater. Follow SMART Goal guidelines to make sure you are on the right track.

Understand your customers

Understand the customers of yours. Know who the target demographics of yours are, since these are the men and women you are attempting to achieve and interact with. Gather your own personal social media statistics and make use of existing data your client or maybe company may already have to figure out who is interacting with the company and that would probably be good future prospects to reach. Once you have done the analysis of yours, you are able to develop helpful character personas that will help you much better understand and categorise customers.


Know your competitors. Those “similar-but-different” companies are gonna be out there. And, as with many facets of the business world, the more you understand them, the better you are able to know how you can get a leg up on them. You are able to carry out  in the process you are researching the clients, since odds are they are interacting with competitors too. As soon as you have gathered the information on the competitors of yours, one of the more effective methods to use is figuring out exactly where there may be voids in the services of theirs that the business of yours is able to fill.

Do not forget to pull the data of yours. Just before the new implemented strategies of yours go underway, it is essential to gather a baseline of just how it had been before, so you’ve something to measure against down the road. For instance, in case you take inventory of the number of views you are getting on Instagram Stories prior to the brand new program is actually in effect, you are able to see whether the brand new ideas are actually improving these numbers or perhaps not. It is essential to keep an eye on what’s impacting the growth of yours (negatively or positively) so you understand when you are on the proper track or even if you have to try out something totally new so the business of yours is able to continue growing.

Socail Media Strategy

Build your strategy based upon the findings. Determine what the content of yours is going to be, what platforms it’ll be sent out on, and just how it’ll differ between platforms. Figure out smaller details at this point as well, much like your voice and tone on social media (either what it presently is or even just what it ought to be), together with design and style elements. Always be certain you are staying true to the company of yours by referencing with existing materials as mission statements, guides, or maybe brand books.

Social media marketing statistics are able to explain to you the state of the business world today, exactly where it may be going, and just how you are able to ensure the business of yours is continually meeting customers exactly where they wish to be greeted. Use these statistics to the advantage of yours that will help you know what you have to accomplish to successfully make use of social networking for the business today of yours.