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Our Marketing Bible

Acquisition – Part 2

Pinterest Marketing

Many pigeonhole Pinterest as a tool only utilised by bride-to-be or costume jewelry enthusiasts. This is a blatant misconception as this is a platform where people far and wide congregate to gain insight on the new trends and current ideas of the digital age. Both creatives and corporate elites capitalise on Pinterest marketing. It is a pit filled with eager customers on the hunt for the next best thing to experience.

Users gravitate to Pinterest due to its unique discovery aspect. They have the ability to browse with a broad spectrum or channel in on something specific.

The conversion rate of Pinterest users is amazing! According to Pinterest, 83% of users stated they would rather follow their preferred brand over their favourite celebrity. This is an obvious indication that the majority of users are on the hunt for products when active. A huge 87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product from the platform, and 93% have utilised the platform to plan a future purchase. You can register for priority access to Promoted Pins when they reach Australia, do this via the Pinterest business website.

Pinterest have now launched their paid advertising (Promoted Pins) in Australia. These are great way to utilize the platform for small business. Having said this organic reach is what you should be focusing on, the best tip for organic Pinterest reach is to create extremely rich content. This includes image and prose, infographics are great too!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a form of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, often referred to as ‘paid search’ because you pay to be visible – as opposed to ‘organic search (SEO). You can tell which ads are paid for because the paid ads have a little green ‘Ad’ sign next to the web address. Up to the first four search results on any given Google search can be paid ads.

Google has several different forms of PPC that you can choose from including: Shopping, Display, video (Google owns YouTube) and text (their most simple form).

Google offers a brilliant program called ‘Google Partners’ which is completely free and lets you become ‘Adwords certified’. If you’re looking at, implementing and managing your own Google Adwords accounts I highly recommend doing their introduction and mobile courses online. Recently, Google has also been offering free face-to-face training and certification in major cities. Once you sign-up to Google Partners you will be notified of these events.

If the Cost Per Click (CPC) for your keywords is ridiculously high (digital marketing is over $25 per click – I’s very hard to justify!) I suggest using the keyword planner to research what topics people are searching for related to your brand or product – this should give you some pretty good insight for what content will be a hit for your customers.

Negative Keywords and Refinement

If you’re starting out with Google Adwords and have a small budget, be sure to refine your ads as far as possible. One way to do this is to add an abundance of negative keywords (free, research and cheap – are all popular choices). This will mean that anyone looking for free articles will not see your ad and you won’t have to pay for their click.

Further refinement will depend on unique aspects of your business and your end conversion. For example if you are a tradie working from 9-5 make sure your ads only run in those hours. If you want people to call your business, make sure you include your phone link in the ad to make this clear to the customer.

If you have the time, you can get quite crafty with your Adwords. You can use your competitors brands as keywords and research what the negative points of their business are. If they’re cheaper but import their product make sure to include in your ad that your product is ‘of the highest quality and made from local materials’.

Google Re-Marketing

Just like other major social networking players Google has re-marketing options available to target customers who have visited your website. When you look at a camera online and it follows you to every other website you go to, this is Google re-marketing. This form of advertising is invaluable an needs to be part of your general campaign

Change Your Strategy Not Your Budget

We took over an account from one of ‘Australia’s biggest marketing companies’, We managed to increase their traffic by 400% without touching their budget. Make sure if you use a marketing company they use different strategies, not just ‘increase your budget’.

Bing Ads

Ok, so we’re all well aware of the internet God, Google and their affiliated Adwords, but there are other avenues to explore out there to generate business revenue and exposure – Microsoft Adwords.

Microsoft Adwords is the result of the consolidation of Bing and Yahoo! Every Microsoft computer comes with Bing pre-installed, many people don’t have the tech know how or the care to change search engines. Surprisingly Bing hold 25% of the market share. That’s 25% of your potential customers guys, so if you’re choosing Adwords as your only channel of marketing make sure you get on board with Bing too.

Email Marketing

No matter what anyone tells you, email is not dead. If used correctly email can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Just Google ’email marketing statistics 2016′ and you will see hundreds of stats validating this claim. Avoid buying email lists from dodgy operators. You get what you pay for.

Create A Database

Do it now! Seriously! If you take one thing away from The Bible, it’s that your email database should be a prized possession! this needs to be updated regularly! To start all you need is a basic Excel spreadsheet with your customers/potential customer’s names and emails.

Thank You Emails & Surveying Customers

Approximately 20% of recipients will share a personally addressed ‘Thank You’ either via social media channels or with their friends and family. This is also an awesome opportunity to survey your customers, the answers to every marketing question is in your customer’s head). An example of a brilliant survey question is ‘describe our product/business in one line’ – use the answer when you sell your product via all of the digital channels you implement. Ask for your Google review in your Thank You email, offer an extra small incentive (referral codes work well).


Referrals are, and always will be, the best form of marketing. Think about how much you are inclined to use a service when you have received a recommendation from a friend. Compare this to when you see an Ad pop up on Google. Despite this logic, many people don’t see referrals for the beautiful opportunity they are. Give your beloved customers a little bit more incentive to refer you – a good idea is a discount on their next order/invoice (win-win because they place another order to get their incentive).

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