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Social Media Marketing

It is so easy to get confused and lost with all the numerous avenues of social media marketing out there. The best advice I can give you is pick one or two forms that you know well and stick to them. If you are a novice don’t worry, just choose any you are familiar with and start studying. Most likely the ones you personally use are the ones that will work for your target market. Use a couple of different platforms well and don’t bother with the rest. If you get it right, you won’t have to bother with other avenues until you have built your empire and can assign a person to each.

Different social media accounts are better for different businesses, depending on what you sell. If your product is visually appealing Instagram and Pinterest are brilliant. If you offer high quality content for free as part of your marketing strategy (which you definitely should!) consider creating tutorial type videos and dominating YouTube.

Where you can, always try to plan ahead social marketing campaigns. There is a good rule to try and use here; your content should only ever be one third promotional. Most likely your followers have started paying attention because they like the style of your brand, not necessarily the products (yet!). It is an age-old rule that no one likes to feel like they are being sold to.
If you struggle to find content to post, get stalking. Find people on social media that would be your target market and see who they follow. What are they sharing? What are their interests. Getting to know your target market inside out will be one of the best investments you ever make.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the term used for paying influential people (usually with high followings on social media) to advocate for your product. Have you ever noticed how your favourite fitness model is offering 10% off her ‘all-timefavourite protein’? It’s because she was paid money to do it. Influencer marketing can work wonders and it has helped some big labels get to where they are now.

The biggest thing to remember is to be smart about how you use this tactic. Do not go to an account with millions of users and pay your year’s marketing budget for one post. Research as many accounts as you can, aim for lots of little influencers that are cheaper and have a more refined audience – offer freebies to people first and then negotiate a cash value if they ask for it. There are plenty of businesses out there that will do this for you, however many are huge and wont know how to handle your audience or demographic properly.


Customers almost always begin as browsers. They will browse, bookmark, backbend and scrutinize not only your product, but those of all your competitors. You need to recapture customers using re-marketing ads. This is your second chance card, it will allow you to reach a visitor that previously abandoned your website and/or their shopping cart.

Use this opportunity to subtly jolt your customers mind, make them pick-up right from where they left off. Almost all main digital advertising platforms offer some form of re-marketing via a tag or pixel implemented on their website. The tag or pixel on your website lets you re-target the customer directly via their cookies.

Once again, get stalking – find out who your target market listens to and always remember to use an individual code for each competitor’s campaign as a way of measuring their success.

Facebook Marketing

We consider Facebook the most undervalued tool in digital marketing! This goes for all industries. We have created Facebook campaigns that have driven more traffic to websites than Google Adwords, at fractions of the cost. I am not suggesting that you should only use Facebook Advertising, I am suggesting however that you take it seriously and really look at all it has to offer.

When you leave Facebook open in an app or on another browser (like everyone does!) it follows you everywhere you go on the internet. It takes in information about you (your income, marital status, where you holiday, interests – the list is endless!) and creates a ‘digital profile’ on you.

Ever noticed how you have been searching for cars and all of a sudden a bunch of car advertisements have popped up on your feed? Or maybe you just got engaged and now Facebook is suggesting wedding locations or photographers? It’s because Facebook is a digital stalker! It is also a marketer’s dream! It means that for as little as $10 you can put your product or service right in front of thousands of potential customers. More accurately targeted than ever before. Also, Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and now they also offer this form of advertising!

Campaigns Facebook offer; Awareness • Boost your posts • Promote your Page • Reach people near your business • Increase brand awareness • Increase your reach Consideration • Send people to a website • Get installs of your app • Raise attendance at your event • Get video views • Collect leads for your business Conversion • Increase website conversions • Increase engagement in your app • Get people to claim your offer • Promote a product catalog • Get people to visit your stores

It should be should also be noted that Facebook is very strict on privacy and doesn’t give your information away, it only lets you create audiences with a minimum of 1000 people, so that you can’t be individually targeted or identified.

Creating Quality Facebook Ads

Facebook told me I could reach 800-1500 people for my paid post? How do I reach 1500?

As part of Facebook’s tracking techniques it has determined each of our ‘scroll patterns’. It knows how long you spend on the average post that you’re interested in and how long it takes you to scroll past something.

Facebook rewards your advertisement on how ‘popular it is’. If everyone is scrolling super slow, stopping or even clicking your post, you’re more likely to reach the higher end of the potential viewers for your spend.
In general, short videos or moving graphics work best. You will know if your ad is fulfilling its potential by the amount of reach it gets each day. if it’s on the lower scale of what Facebook said you can achieve for that budget, I would consider changing graphics and wording to something different. It is mostly a matter of trial and error in this aspect and may take time to nail.

Re-Marketing Via Facebook

A Facebook Pixel lets you track, save and target customers that have visited your website. This extends to particular pages and products you have listed. Have you ever noticed how you look at a skirt on Showpo and then the skirt follows you around for days until you finally buy it? This is Facebook’s re-marketing tactic, and it all starts with a Facebook Pixel on your website.

Email Database Audience

Facebook now lets you create a Facebook audience with your email database (if it has over 1000 Facebook users within it). You should already be keeping your email database (a simple Excel spreadsheet with names and emails will do!) as a top priority, because it’s useful for so many more things than email campaigns.

Look-A-Like Audience

This is one of our all-time-favourites! Facebook has a feature that lets you combine all of the traits of your current Facebook audience and target similar sections of society that have the same traits.

Do Not Buy Followers

I have had many clients make this costly mistake. Once upon a time your Facebook and Instagram followers were only recognized by numbers, the more the merrier. This led to freelancers offering 1000 Facebook likes for as little as $5 (sounds amazing doesn’t it?!). Except just like anything in the world you get what you pay for and what you pay for here is 1000 fake accounts, or accounts of people that are most likely not in your country, let alone interested in buying your product or service.

Facebook will currently show your organic posts to around 15% of your audience, If you want anything more than it will cost. Guess what you’re paying for when your audience is fake? An audience that doesn’t care about your product. Or worse still, guess what happens when you try and use the look-a-like audience feature on your fake audience?

We have had to delete social media accounts for clients and start from scratch due to fake followers (some of these had thousands of legitimate followers too! All down the drain because they were contaminated!). Slow and steady always wins the race. Don’t get caught up in having a huge following, it’s only going to cost you more to reach them anyway. In this case it’s quality over quantity!

Facebook has the potential to be your best friend in marketing. If you are not leveraging the potential of Facebook you can bet that your competitors will. It is crucial for any small business, they correctly leverage all they can from Facebook.

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