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Optimise Your Website For Conversion – Part 1

Design For Conversion

This section applies to both those who are designing a website for the first time and those that have an existing website. The most common mistake people make is creating a website without thinking about the end goal: CONVERSION. What is your website built to do? Do you want sales? Do you want email leads? Do you want phone calls?

This is where it becomes vital to immerse yourself in the mindset of your customers. It is very easy to get caught up in in adding flashing banners and digital fireworks on your page, but think about what you’re actually selling. Is it fireworks and flashy banners? Or is it high-quality handmade children’s clothing? If it’s the latter, drop those flashy ad-ons. Your customer came to your page because they want to buy children’s clothing, not watch fancy graphics.

You have less than three seconds to sell, before customers go buy from the website next door. For goodness sake, don’t let them spend those three precious seconds trying to locate the pause button on the embedded YouTube video on your website. If you opt to have a web-based disco on your website – it is as if your local coffee shop transformed into a nightclub the second you walk-in.

Research Your Brand Idols

A ‘brand idol’ is a company that has created a brand that you love, they do not have to be in your industry. Take time to really research your ‘brand idols’ and notice what they have in common, do not copy their content or ideas but do use it for inspiration. Ask yourself, Why are you attracted to them? What are their websites like? Are they clean and easy to read? Did you find what they want you to? How do they interact with their customers?
My biggest brand idle is Apple. Their marketing is genius. They have the cleanest website that is pleasing to the eye and user friendly. Their website mirrors their products. They have absolutely nailed making tech products something people desire for their aesthetics.

Research your competitors

Once you have researched your brand idols, and identified what you love about them and why, start researching your competitors. This is a vital step, not only in the development stage but throughout the life of your business. Compare customer service, products, prices, websites etc. Compare their entire funnel! Sign-up for their emails, even buy their product if you have to. Similarly, you need to think deeply your competitors, like how you researched your brand idols, learn what your competitors are doing. There will always be techniques they picked up specific to your industry that you missed, these opportunities to learn and apply are invaluable.

Call To Action (CTA)

The point of a website is to educate your customer and convince them to do business with you. Once they have made decision to move forward(which could be at any point) you need to make it as easy as possible for them. Your call to action (CTA) is the next step and it needs to be readily available throughout your site.

A call to action is exactly what it says. It is a button or a link that allows the user to take a specific action. The most common example is the button that says, ‘Buy Now’. There are many CTA’s that are related to purchasing but not all are. Maybe the intention of a page is to get in contact with the business. In this case the CTA may be a link to send an enquiry. The point of a CTA is to convince and allow the user to take an action.

The first CTA on your site needs to be seen immediately and its purpose made obvious instantly (particularly for people that already know they want to do business with you). The remainder of CTAs need to be visible on each page. While there are hundreds of different ways of having these CTAs displayed, just a small banner at the bottom of each page works well. You can also tailor this to be specific to each page, yet consistent with the style on the rest of your site. It is important that you work out what your CTA is early (before starting the design process if possible). You may have several different CTAs throughout your website.

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