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Optimizing Your Website For Conversion – Part 2

Service Explanation

This should be a brief description of your product or service. It should include your point of difference from your competitors while outlining the unique traits of your brand. The best way to come up with this, is to imagine – that you must sell your product to someone over the phone and you are only allowed to use one short sentence to seal the deal.

This sounds simple but can often be very hard for business owners – as we are too close to our brand. If this is you, I suggest creating a questionnaire for your previous customers (give them a small incentive to fill it out or run a competition) and ask them to describe your business/brand/product in one sentence. If you do not get the final answer from this at least you will gain some inspiration. You will be surprised at how much you learn from other people’s perception of your business. You will notice that big brands have been doing this for years with campaigns like – ‘create our new flavour chips and win a lifetime supply!’.

Prime Real Estate

The prime real estate on your website is where your eye naturally falls when you open the page. This is the first chance you get to win your customer over. The biggest mistake people make is using this section for a banner or image that has no service explanation or CTA. For example, if you fill your prime real estate with a stock image that is loosely related to your brand without a CTA you are wasting this precious space. It’s not Instagram, it’s your website, and you need to be thinking about conversion before pretty pictures.

If your home page is quite long, do not have the entire screen covered by a single image (especially if that first image has no CTAs or service explanation). People need to know that there is something else below, or they most likely will not scroll down any further. A solution for this is to install ‘Lucky Orange’ and create a scroll map for your page.

One of our pet hates is when someone has the perfect service explanation, nail their background image, have brilliant CTAs and then boom! – you can’t see any of it because it is layered over a background image and the background image is super noisy. A quick fix for this is to have a layer of colour, like black or white, over the top of your image and adjust the transparency of that layer to 40-70% depending on the brightness of the original picture. Then make any text that is going over contrasted against the colour you have used for the transparent layer.

Contact Information

Unless you are a dodgy retailer who gets swamped with complaints, there is no reason to hide your contact information. In fact, it is a big CTA that every business needs. If someone is enquiring about your product or service, they are a hot lead. All too often websites overlook the importance of having easily available contact information. Make sure your email address and phone numbers are links (there is nothing more annoying than having to clumsily try to copy and paste someone’s phone number or email address to make contact).

Have a specific contact page with a paragraph about how you appreciate customer enquiries and how they can reach you by email, phone, social media or by submitting a contact form. Also, have your contact information in your footer just in case someone decides they want to ask a question midway through reading a page.

Email Sign Up

You will establish throughout this book that having an email sign-up form on your website is pretty useful, even if you don’t intend on using email marketing right at the moment. How you implement this form however, is what’s important. Ensure that if you’re using a pop-up and it doesn’t offer a discount immediately, you do not have it pop-up straight away when someone lands on your website. People don’t even know what you are at that point, you have not convinced them that you are worthy of minutes of their time let alone gained enough trust for them to give you their email address – which is a big thing to many people – thanks to the gazillions of promo emails we receive each day. One step worse than the instant pop-up is the instant pop-up that you can’t get rid of. Oh my god – this is a digital marketing SIN. If your ‘x’ button to close the pop-up is too small or transparent and I can’t close it, I will leave your site and never return. Just remember that while getting a customer’s email address is important it is not anywhere near as important as closing the sale.

Have your email sign-up in the footer or somewhere you can see throughout the website and also have it on your checkout form when people submit an order. Make sure every social media icon, phone number, email address and physical address link to what they are.

Below are some handy html codes:
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