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Optimizing Your Website For Conversion – Part 3

Your Website Should Be Responsive

This one is huge! Over 50% of browsing is conducted on a mobile device. You need to make sure your website is also optimised for those consumers. If not you are cutting your potential customer data base in half!

Optimise your Images for Web

Unless you want your website to run like a tortoise, make sure to optimize your images for web. This means making sure they are a small enough file size, a safe zone would be to stay under 100kb. Do not upload them straight from your SLR! People will just give up! I usually re-size product images to about 1000px wide, this limits the size while keeping quality.

Watermark Your Images

Watermark all your product images! I have had clients who have had their entire eBay listings mimicked by a con-artist who then just stole their customer’s money and my client got the blame! Watermarks will not necessarily stop this, but it will make it much harder for your work or your potential new customers to be blatantly ripped off.

I use Visual Watermark to re-size and watermark images instantly, there are several similar programs that let you watermark, rename and re-size hundreds of images at once. You will also need a white copy of your logo in PNG format to get the most common looking watermark.

Page Speed

Page speed is a factor of both SEO and customer usability, if your page doesn’t load within a few seconds you lose a large percent of your audience. It is vital that you optimize your site so that it loads quickly, in 2018 it doesn’t cut it having a slow page.

Test Everything

Test everything on your website. Submit your own contact forms, order your own products, and issue yourself an invoice. Pay the invoice (a cheap one, because you won’t get your bank fees back). Then go onto every type of device and every type of browser out there and repeat this. I also recommend doing this testing even if you’ve outsourced your web design.

The Mum Test

Once you have designed your new baby and tested it yourself I suggest having your mum (or anyone over the age of 50) try and use it. If they can’t purchase your item or see and use your CTA buttons etc., reconsider the design. Obviously, this could be because of the technical level of the person you have chosen to test so I recommend having five to ten people test it, the more diverse their level of tech know-how the better. Choose only people who you believe will give you honest feedback. There are some really cool websites out there that offer this service, is a great example.

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