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Search Engine Optimisation

The Art of Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of getting your website to rank well organically for keywords. You should be aware that there are two different types of SEO out there: white hat (good) and black hat (bad). If Google catches you using black hat tactics they will penalise you by black-listing you from Google.

The easiest way to tell if someone is using black hat tactics is if they can get you to number one overnight, SEO conducted properly shouldn’t be an overnight success and if it is, the next time an algorithm change comes around, you could be in a lot of trouble.

A good example of this is when back-linking was considered a high factor for SEO. Dodgy SEO operators would create thousands upon thousands of backlinks for their customers, it worked for about six weeks and then Google started to catch on to the fact that a majority of people’s backlinks had nothing to do with their actual websites. For example, an Australian clothing company shouldn’t have had thousands of backlinks to directory websites in India. As a result, many were penalised for this kind of behavior. While Google still takes into consideration links, the focus has moved from ‘quantity’ to ‘quality’.

What Factors Matter Most

Due to the huge amount of factors that contribute to SEO, that change frequently (every algorithm update), we cannot possibly provide a full list of need-to-know factors. I have listed the most basic and easy tactics that largely remain constant through all algorithm changes.


Decide on your keywords carefully. Put time and effort into this step, research what people are searching in regard to your products. There is no point going through the tedious process of SEO to rank for keywords that only get searched once a month!

Clean Websites

Google favors clean websites. These are the ones that are coded cleanly and don’t use WYSIWIGS features. These features are commonly found in ‘WIX’ and other simliasr alternative website building sites.


Blogs are vital. Google favours sites that have fresh content, if your content is also of a high quality it will be shared more frequently by your customers!

Business Submissions

Business submissions are your friend. You can list your business on a range of free business listings (just make sure they are in fact free!). Google business would be the first suggestion, followed by Yelp and Trip Advisor (if applicable). You can Google a list of business directories in Australia and submit to the majority of them.


Google Reviews have been deemed of high value in Google’s newer algorithm changes. Do not go and get 2000 fake reviews (this would be black hat and Google WILL KNOW). However, do start getting real customers to write an organic review, try to keep reviews current and constant.
Keywords, Title Tags, Meta Data and Headers are used by search engines to understand the meaning of web pages and ultimately determine if they are relevant for a particular search query. Your chosen keywords should be included in all of these sections of your website.

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