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Conducting an SEO-evaluation might seem a time-consuming job. But if you use the right tools, finding and fixing on-site errors can be carried out in an effective and fast way. With the Site Audit tools we use at Little Ripple Marketing, we can perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit at high speed!

Analysing your website with the audit tools helps us make it more accessible for search engine robots. It also helps us ensure a positive User Experience. Site Audit tools allow is to :

Optimise your internal and external links;
Add tags where they are missing;
Make titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags unique and comprehensible for users and search engines;
Correct broken images and provide them all with an alt attribute;
Detect and erase error pages;
Find duplicate content pages;
And fix other problems blocking your SEO progress!

We can crawl your website at any time to get reports with the most fresh results.



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Prioritise SEO issues

Checking a website’s on-page health is indispensable to making and keeping a website SEO- and user-friendly. Whether we manage a small website or a large one composed of thousands of webpages, detection of issues can be challenging. We just cannot afford to spend days looking for every possible mistake in the code or checking for broken images or URLs.

Our analysis tools check issues that are related to crawl-ability, content, images, links, accessibility and coding. All issues found are divided into three groups depending on their severity: errors, warnings, and notices.

The Overview Report will show us the top issues, the most frequently found problems on your website. We then create a schedule and deadlines for these issues to be fixed. Some issues will be fixed by our web development team other issues will be fixed by our SEO specialist.

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Track SEO optimisation progress

Improving your website’s health requires constant attention. But, how can you estimate whether our SEO efforts will pay off?

Our SEO audit tool reports will help you regularly monitor your website’s health.

We can schedule a weekly technical SEO audit and our Site Audit tool will automatically start crawling your website. You’ll get a notification when it is finished in your inbox. By running website SEO audits on a regular basis, you are tracking the progress of your website’s health. With the regular reports we send you will see mini-trends on the Overview, Issues, and Page reports, you can analyse the results of different SEO audits and track changes in the number of issues over time.

Check reports regularly, and monitor if the number of issues found is shrinking! Remember to look at your site’s positions with the Position Tracking reports! Are your rankings going higher? If they are, we are on the right SEO-track!

fix hreflang for seo

fix hreflang mistakes

Ensure the best user experience for any visitor from any country. Detect hreflang issues in one handy report.

When it comes to International SEO, hreflangs are a cornerstone. They are used to tell Google which page should be shown to visitors depending on their language and location. If you lack or incorrectly implement hreflang tags, you can seriously harm the user experience of your website.

The most time-saving way to find and fix hreflang errors is to use automated website checkers. We can provide  International SEO reports that are dedicated exclusively to the following hreflang implementation issues:

  • Issues with hreflang values
  • Hreflang conflicts within page source code
  • Issues with incorrect hreflang links
  • Pages with potentially missing hreflang attributes

This is a useful tool for hreflang issues.

HTTPs increase trust and rankings

secure your website with HTTPS checks

The usage of HTTPS on your website is a signal to users that you care about their privacy and security. It’s also an important ranking factor for search engines. However, the fact that you moved your domain to HTTPS doesn’t mean the work is over: problems may come up later.

Our HTTPS report in Site Audit helps quickly detect security issues on your website.

Security certificate issues – we warn you if your SSL certificate has expired or if it’s registered to an incorrect domain name.

Mixed content issues – now you can easily discover all the types of mixed content on your site’s pages: non-secure scripts, images, CSS elements and many more.

Server issues – we help detect outdated security protocols, missing SNI and HSTS support.

Website architecture issues – we alert you about internal links to non-secure pages, HTTP URLs in your sitemap, missing redirects from HTTP to HTTPS versions of the same page and usage of HTTP on pages with password

fix amp issues with SEmrsuh

AMP implementation issues

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format dominates mobile search results globally, facilitating user experience and offering webmasters numerous promotional opportunities that result from accelerated page load.

Our Site Audit report  features a unique functionality  — batch AMP Audit. From now on, you won’t need to check your AMPs’ health manually, as Little Ripple Marketing will do it for you!

  • Comprehensive audit. All possible AMP implementation issues detected through 40+ checks are grouped into 3 conventional categories
  • On-demand crawls. Don’t wait to be notified — crawl your website whenever you like
  • Overall view. All the pages of a website in one report

DISAPPOINTED WITH YOUR website SEO performance?

If your site doesn’t rank where you’d like, you’re not alone.

Search results come with intense competition, whether from direct or indirect competitors. Not to mention, SEO requires a full-fledged strategy for what happens on and off your website. That’s why many small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) partner with experienced agencies like Little Ripple Marketing.

Whether you’re looking to improve your rankings, increase your organic traffic with organic search marketing, or boost your online sales, our  team can help.

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