Learn and build with the experts, implement yourself!

What is DIY digital?

Little Ripple Marketing recently completed over 500 free digital marketing audits for small businesses to give them an idea of where they stand with their digital marketing. We used this opportunity to research what these business owners actually wanted and needed and the answer was something that is not currently available.


At the moment there are two options for new and existing small business owners when it comes to their marketing:


  1. Spending your precious time untangling an overload of confusing information available online or enrol in courses worth thousands of dollars to teach yourself enough basic marketing tactics to just scrape by.


  1. Hand it all over to an agency and pay big bucks for someone who let’s face it will never know your product like you do, to handle. Although, this option may save some of your precious time, it leaves you with little to no control over your marketing.


Well we are so happy to introduce you to a third option:


Little Ripple Marketing is launching our new DIY Digital product and service range.  These products and services will cater to the business owner who wants to learn how to market their product themselves, but also wants the comfort and added support of expert advice and guidance. If this is you then our DIY Digital range will be a perfect fit, as your product and service comes with access to your own ‘marketing mentor’ who will stay with you throughout your digital marketing journey.

DIY Digital products and services