Effective Google Ads campaign 

Effective Google Ads campaign Gold Coast

An effective Google Ads campaign will attract more customers, reach the right people and assist you both locally and globally with you advertising needs. Google ads play a significant role in the expansion of your company. Digital marketing is unquestionably competitive by nature, but don’t fear because money is not a restriction in the Google Ads game. Just because some may have more funds to invest into Google Ads, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be better off, as it’s all about strategy. You are only paying for direct results with the pay-per-click implementation. Sign up is free and the payments commence only when potential customers interact with your website.

A smart advertiser will begin their Google Ads journey by creating a checklist that will be the foundation to the campaigns success. By articulating your initiative you can monitor it’s progress regardless of your budget, and improve the ROI (return on investment) for your Google Adscampaign by remembering a few key point.

Know your business and do you research

Like most aspects of digital marketing, research is the backbone to success. You must know your industry and have comprehensive understanding of your competitors. Ideally, profile them and make yourself aware of their pros and cons then strategise accordingly. After identifying what you want to achieve and the flow of your current market, it’s time to utilise Google to assist with finding keywords and ousting industry competitors.

Conjure up an array of foundation keywords and use these as a basis when searching on the Google Ads Keyboard Planner. This tool will also help you identify negative keywords to block out from your users ad search. This is a tool similar to a thesaurus, you enter phrases that you predict potential customers are searching and Google will alert you of similar, related phrases. This detailed search tool will inform you how often these phrases are being used and how much it will cost to advertise on each word. This allows you to identify the competitiveness of the keywords and can assist you on deciding whether to capitalise on this particular word.

Can I afford to advertise on this keyword?

First you need to calculate your Max CPC (maximum cost per click). You’ll compare your business’s Max CPC to the estimated keyword CPC in the Keyword Tool to determine whether you can afford it. You maximum CPC is determined by your website conversion rate, your advertising profit margin and the profit you obtain per customer. These numbers can either be predicted based on an educated opinion or calculated after tracking, which is a more accurate approach. 

Powerful USP

This is your unique selling disposition and it’s what distinguishes you from your industry competitors and gives potential customers a jolt in your direction. It encompasses your strong points and pinpoints what aspect of your business is better than your competitors. In regards to Google Ads a convincing USP will produce traffic, welcome engagements and defer unproductive clicks on your ads. It will transform your traffic into profit and minimise price comparative shopping.

Monitoring and reevaluating is key

Once your Google Ads campaign is goal and action orientated, create multiple ongoing tests to ensure it’s serving its purpose. Your campaign may seem flawless in the beginning but regardless of how much groundwork you have done to get to this position, regular touch-ups are inevitable to keep it updated and effective. Be sure to establish regular custom reports to expand opportunity and keep experimenting with new keywords and ad copies. Ad productivity is what you’re aiming to achieve through this constant tweaking and market vigilance.

Relevant copy and landing page

Users are always on the hunt for great deals, use compelling text on your ads and offer competitive promises to attract clicks. In saying that, stay true to your core values and never over promise and under deliver to a customer in order to get a click. Otherwise your tarnished reputation will spread like wildfire with the way social media is utilised today. Add extensions, relevant information regarding your product or service and a clear CTA (call-to-action) to ensure customers can be proactive towards your advertisement.

Once you have done the hard yards you can enable your campaign. Once Google approves your ads you’re in flight. However, just because you’re ads are live doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. You must stay watchful, keep experimenting with keywords and continuously stay up to date on your market trends to keep this regime profitable. Contact the Little Ripple Marketing team to help you grow your business with Google Ads.