Email Marketing

Email marketing presents numerous benefits over traditional forms of marketing because of its broad scope and ability to be easily processed by users, while encompassing all the important points and visuals a potential customer or ongoing customer requires. This drives a better return on investment and increases customer engagement metrics. With social media and search engine marketing always being put on a pedestal, people tend to disregard the effectiveness of email marketing, when actually it’s a key component to your businesses digital marketing success. Email marketing is cost-effective and easily shareable, so recipients can forward, save or highlight your latest offer with a click of a button.


You create brand advocates with subscribers who share you email, which builds customer loyalty and credibility for your company. Analytics keep you up-to-date on your emails performance from all differing angels. This information is there so you can you educate yourself on ways to better direct and enhance your upcoming email campaigns. With email marketing there are no printing or postage costs and you can utilise your current branding on ready-to-go templates or get a bit more creative with the help of a graphic designer.


Email marketing is a great tool to utilise so you can share information directly to a customer for an upcoming event or sale that you want to reap the benefits of. Without guidance, customers will dwindle away, so keep them in the loop with an email that will refresh their memory on the benefits your product or service can offer them.


Customers tend to be more responsive to visually appealing emails, so get creative while remaining practical and user friendly. In a flooded inbox you may only have a few seconds to speak to your customer, so strategic planning is essential. Valuable metrics can be retrieved when your business commences email marketing- such as delivery rates, open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention rates. This makes you aware of your customers’ behaviour patterns and what they respond to most. From that inside knowledge you can tweak you email campaigns accordingly in order to generate future success. Through the execution of each email campaign you are becoming progressively savvier in the online marketing game and as a result you are generating more brand exposure and expanding your businesses profit margin.


If you liaise with a credible and vigilant marketing professional, the entire process of email marketing will be much easier to digest. The number crunching and strategy/tactic development that goes hand in hand with email marketing can be time consuming and ineffective if you aren’t tweaking correctly based on your provided feedback. With appropriate guidance combined with aesthetically appealing graphics and branding your message will be communicated to your recipients in the most successful way possible.

Time saving and simplified

You can generate a professional, aesthetically pleasing and practical email marketing campaign in less than two hours if your have all the relevant research to accompany this compilation process. A major point of email marketing is to communicate information for an upcoming event or offer almost instantaneously. This is why the creation process must be easy. Generate recurring email templates to utilise for future email marketing that will save you time and provide customers with more notice to take action on your offer.

Speak to customers on a deeper level

You have the option to completely personalise with email marketing unlike other forms of traditional marketing. Email personalisation options are broad; you can offer recipients a login and password protected email that will allow customers to access things like their purchase history or shopping cart. You can categorise your customer list into niche sections based on hierarchy, and speak to customers on a more intimate level.

You can test what is most effective

Many marketing strategies require a trial and error process prior to gaining complete success. With email marketing its extraordinarily easy to gauge what is working and what is not. You can monitor what graphics, headlines, offers and even colours your customers respond to best. You have the option to test the waters by partitioning your list and emailing one version to a selection and a second or even third version to different list categories.

Tracking tools

There are very accurate tracking tools that email marketing offers, so you can determine exactly which marketing message worked better to convert sales or user actions. Well-developed email marketing platforms will provide tracking information that will shed light on how many people opened your email, how many people clicked the link in your email, which specific link was clicked, how many people unsubscribed and whether your email even made it into your recipients inbox.