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Some of the things we check

Title, Meta, Headers Tags

Keyword Consistency

Content Volume

Alt Attributes


Link Structure

Broken Links

Friendly URLs

Robots & Sitemaps

Mobile & Tablet Rendering

Mobile Viewports

Flash & iFrame Usage


Legibility and Tap Sizing

Page Size. Object & Load Speed

Compression & Image Optimization


HTML Deprecation

Social Profiles Connected

Social Profile Activity

SSL Security


Email Privacy


Comprehensive SEO Audit

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

It is now more vital than ever that your website performs for search. Search engines, such as Google, rely on a range of factors when ranking websites.

We provide free SEO audits that give you valuable insight into the performance of your website. The audit outlines what factors your website excels in and what factors are currently underperforming or failing. It also comes with a list of actionable recommendations to increase performance.

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Learn more about SEO

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SEO and User Engagement

Having been in the industry for years we have seen dramatic changes across the SEO landscape. At Little Ripple Marketing we have ridden the waves of change across SEO. Some things that were once gospel are now no longer important, and what seemed irrelevant in earlier...

How Does Google’s Use of Machine Learning Impact SEO?

At Little Ripple Marketing we are constantly researching new and innovative technologies to stay ahead in the world of digital marketing. Machine learning is an area we hear a lot about these days. It has been harnessed to advance artificial intelligence and...

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