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FTP/Admin Access Request

Little Ripple Marketing takes the security of our hosting environment and all our client’s websites extremely seriously. In order to maintain this security and to keep your website safe we recommend limiting access to the FTP/Administrator roles wherever possible. Opening up access to third parties to undertake work or to install plug-ins can potentially compromise the integrity of the code base, security and functionality of your website.

Upon request we will provide FTP/Administrator access, however in doing so it is important for you as the owner of the website to understand:

  • Work or adjustments by third parties should be carefully considered, investigated and tested in order to maintain security and functionality.
  • The addition of third party plug-ins can cause a number of potential issues. If considering the installation/use of plug-ins we recommend that these are researched to ensure they are credible, of a high standard and tested.
  • Little Ripple Marketing are not responsible for any work undertaken by any other parties or for any problems, breaks or security issues caused by, or related to, such work. If we are required to repair any functionality or called upon to assist addressing any issues then the time required will be chargeable by us.

In order to request access please complete the online form below, once received we will action the request.

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