Graphic Design

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make your business”
– Steve Forbes

There is far more encased in the overall branding of your business than simply a logo or particular typeface utilised across your online platforms. It’s a bold reflection of your company’s core values, depicts how people will perceive your customer experience and even divulges to potential customers the strengths and weaknesses of the product or service you’re offering. Quality graphic design gains exposure for your business through multifaceted visuals that intertwine perfectly with all aspects involved with the everyday functioning of your business. Your company’s branding is the first characteristic a window shopper will thoroughly scrutinise, and essentially it dictates how you are immediately perceived by the masses. The ideal brand and design concept for your business isn’t something that forms perfectly overnight. Establishing the ultimate branding for your business consists of choosing your graphic designers wisely and planning strategically.


Your branding is all about targeting the right people for your business, it should be built on professionalism, functionality and creativity. It’s extremely difficult to connect all three of these components if you’re not a proficient and professional graphic designer.  Having outstanding design work for your business will always work in your favour, as first impressions last a lifetime. The reality is – if a competitor is offering a very similar product or service as your business (for a similar price) but has more aesthetically pleasing branding, it’s highly likely you will lose potential customers to this competitor, as it’s human nature to gravitate towards the more visually appealing option.


Bad quality graphic design interferes dramatically with user experience, especially for your website. Practicality must be as highly regarded as originality and creative flare. If a browser isn’t able to read your choice of font or your colour choice causes bad contrast for users, customers will choose to immediately disengage with your website and continue to look elsewhere.  Communicate your brand position in a flooded market by giving your business a face that will lure potential customers in. Effective branding and graphic design for a business will stimulate a customer to further explore what you have to offer while conveying a message that your business is both professional and pays attention to detail. If your website is a mess and your logo is low resolution, this immediately puts a bad taste in the mouth of potential customers. It’s difficult for customers to trust your business if the branding is mediocre or incomplete, as it creates the illusion that your business is lazy and/or incompetent, even if that isn’t the case.


Visuals tend to resonate with customers more in comparison to what they see or read about your business. Your corporate identity should be shaped in a way that highlights the benefits of your product or service and it also acts as a window for customers to see how you do business. Make it your mission to standout in your marketplace by investing in quality graphic design and branding for your business.

Company logo

This is your visual stamp and must be the perfect balance of artistic flare and your businesses main purpose. It's imperative to get your logo right initially, as you don't want to come to the realisation when you're three years into trading that you just aren't thriving in your market because of it's mediocrity. A company logo must be memorable and versatile, so it can be utilised in all different forms of marketing collateral. If you're incorporating text in your logo you must factor in how customers will see it when it needs to be scaled down on your website or social media pages. The shape and colour combination must mesh perfectly with one another and be adaptable for specialty event or promotional marketing too.

Website design

This is your logos time to shine, and where you chosen colour scheme will invite users to keep browsing. Don't fixate on making your website overly visual, as this can work as a detraction from your purpose. It's wise for both corporate and creative companies to embrace the minimalist design mantra, 'less is more'. This approach allows browsers to hone in on exactly what you want them to see. Your logo and your highlighted products or services in either a visual or text form must be prominent. Make your website easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices and labeled accurately to maximise user experience.

Social Media

In a sea of competitors and on a conveyer belt newsfeed, users will be drawn to either a brand they are already familiar with (so plaster your logo on as many platforms as you can) or a new brand that is both aesthetically appealing and well utilised. The difference between great and mediocre branding on Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. is its ability to imprint in a customers brain. If your branding is a visual success this will emphasise your communication ability and generate company success.

Style Guide creation

A well-sequenced style guide will ensure your brands consistency if you outsource in any way for marketing or design purposes. Basically, this is your brand bible that outlines each rule that needs to be followed in order to keep your brand uniform across multiple platforms. It must encase your choice of fonts; ways to specifically place your logo and your colour/shape prerequisites. Style guides are extensive and thorough but will save you hours of back and forth emailing or explanation time when liaising with future designers.