Marketing Strategy and Development

Marketing Strategy Gold Coast

The crux of your businesses success hinges on a solid marketing strategy that encompasses your marketing goals and enables development and progression in one comprehensive plan.

You must pave a solid path to success with ongoing checkpoints that keep you aware of what is working and what is not.

A successful marketing strategy is comprised of a thorough description of your business and the benefits of the product and/or service you offer.

You must seek an in-depth understanding of the current market you are immersed in and explain the role your business plays in that specific market. Seek to understand your competitors by profiling their strengths and weaknesses and juxtaposing these against your own.

After this ground research your marketing tactics will almost reveal themselves, but not without some further brainstorming of course.

It’s important to first establish what you want to achieve with your business and plan accordingly by increasing your brand awareness.

Once you have a list of potential ideas and the market research to cement this, you should break this down to a step-by-step plan with your eyes fixed on the end goal. Remember brand exposure is key, building trust with clients and establishing yourself in a flooded industry is of utmost importance to your business.

Identifying your business goals 
as a business owner it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day undertakings of your company. It’s vital for your progression to set time aside to assess what it is exactly you want to achieve with your company in both the short term and long term.

You must articulate goals that take in to consideration financial frontiers generated through new customer feedback and you past success, while also factoring in future predictions of your company’s productivity. Visionary goals should correlate with profit, customer service, giving back to the community and company expansion.

Your mission statement and the reason your company was founded should be preached through the creation of business goals, otherwise you’re jeopardising your company’s authenticity.

Research your market

The obvious and most important avenues to explore to ensure accuracy in the development of your marketing strategy, is the size, growth, social trends and demographics (populations statistics) of your market. However, this research is not a one off task, the market trends and alterations must be watched closely over time so your strategy remains relevant. Research helps to eliminate efforts that aren’t beneficial to your company and as a result eradicates time wasting and increases productivity.

Profile your customers and your competitors

Your market research is the foundation to your success, profiling is a tactic that will reveal your customers wants and needs. Effective profiling has the ability to foreground patterns in your customers buying and spending habits, which you can capitalise on. Gain insight on your competitors by making product and service comparisons, identifying their costs, marketing ploys and supply chains. This will help you come to terms with your own strengths and weaknesses. Be sure not to neglect your current customers when reevaluating your marketing strategy, as you always want current customers to transition into long-term clients.

Implement strategies that support your goals

Now that you’re aware of your target market you must develop a strategy that will entice new customers from this existing market and keep the current ones loyal. The strategies you implement should increase your online social media presence by initiating an active flow of entertaining and informative content, which is constantly being updating on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc.

If you want your marketing strategy to actually work for your business it must be multi-faceted, not idealistic, and both regularly reviewed and tweaked. You can’t cut corners and expect to get results. Time, patience and diligence are key to developing the perfect, detail specific marketing strategy for your business.


Marketing Strategy Gold Coast