Strategy & Development

Creating a marketing strategy and implementing it accordingly, will allow you to pinpoint a benchmark, and from there analyse your businesses online strengths and weaknesses. Having a strategy behind an online marketing plan will give you direct insight into how you are progressing in all facets of your online presence. Whether it be social media advertising, search engine marketing or email marketing, having this strategy can even assist in analysing the power of your current branding’s online performance. Considering how quickly our digital society progresses, the key is to constantly reevaluate your tactics and make relevant changes based on your competitors success and failures. Change is imperative, but to maintain development, the bones of your initial marketing strategy must always remain.


Many businesses are actively upholding an online presence without a marketing strategy in place; however, as a result of this lack of preparation and monitoring they are missing countless opportunities to convert browsers into customers.  When you don’t have a defined online customer value proposition it’s difficult to identify exactly what is encouraging customers to your product or service initially, and what aspects will assist you in forming a loyal relationship with them.  If you don’t have the internal resources and educated staff members to create a marketing strategy for your business, it’s important to outsource to professionals. Without industry insight, this multidimensional and vital component to your online development cannot be sequenced in a way that will generate revenue for your business. With digital media, nearly all facets are measurable, and provide direct knowledge of where you have room for improvement. Sometime third-party software or backend programs can be difficult to navigate, which is why outsourcing to the right person is critical.


Staying one step ahead of your competitors is how you will drive results. The most effective digital marketing strategies require attention and care.  Don’t confuse tactics with strategy; strategy is your reasoning for implementing certain online tactics. As your businesses online presence develops and you utilise premeditated online movements, you occupy a more strategic position, and so on.


When you have a thoroughly defined online presence, you automatically become far more attractive to potential customers. Metaphorically speaking, a marketing strategy should pave the path to your businesses online call to action, for the right customers only. When you have erected a clearly defined position online you will become highly appealing to your target market, and unappealing to the other markets. A marketing strategy provides a very personalised objective that speaks to the most ideal clients online and filters out unnecessary traffic.


Be sure you are ahead of the game by asking yourself whether your current position is sustainable and whether there are other tactics you can utilise to develop your strategy further. Remain unique in your market and don’t lose sight of the goals you established initially.

Provides direction

It's obvious when a business lacks strategic approach to online development as goals will not be defined and new customers will not be enticed to come on board. This will also stand in the way of allowing you to develop deeper relationships with current customers. You need to visualise and map out a path to success, while factoring in foreseeable hurdles that may arise.

Changes overtime are vital to keep momentum

It's in both your businesses utmost interest and your current customers, to tweak particular aspects of your marketing strategy if you aren't living up to your own revenue or brand exposure expectations. If competitors are continuing to succeed you with new ideas or tactics, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Your digital marketing strategy must encompass how you are going to communicate your current position in the market while encouraging future prospects, without undermining the importance of customer to client conversion.

Optimise by analysing

Everyone who has a website has access to analytics, so be sure to absorb what these stats are telling you. By doing so you develop success for you business, by increasing your search marketing, email and social media marketing tactics. Outline the problems you're facing and use innovative and creative plans to enhance the user experience for your digital platforms. Be vigilant to avoid looking out-of-date or tired in a sea of competitors.

Digital marketing metrics

In order to monitor the success of your digital marketing strategy, it's important to establish foundation metrics. Having this will notify you of floors in your strategy and offer a basis for comparison. These metrics should not be analysed as a stand-alone they need to be integrated. It's not effective to specifically explore why your click rate has declined, you need to monitor your overall digital effectiveness as a whole and try to identify where you're lacking - whether it be user experience, design, or search engine based.