SEO and User Engagement

search engine optimization user engagementsearch engine optimization user engagement

search engine optimization user engagement

Having been in the industry for years we have seen dramatic changes across the SEO landscape. At Little Ripple Marketing we have ridden the waves of change across SEO. Some things that were once gospel are now no longer important, and what seemed irrelevant in earlier years is now crucial.

One of the most prominent changes in SEO has been the growing importance of user engagement. Over the last few years it has only continued to grow in importance and is still growing to this day. Why has user engagement become so prominent in good SEO?

The Why?

A search engines success is rated by the quality of answer it provides to questions asked by users. A basic search engine will be deemed successful if it provides correct answers. More ambitious search engines will be deemed successful if they not only give correct answers but additional useful information to the user. Because of this reason Googles algorithms have developed in a way that rewards websites that have good user engagement. Not just the websites that provide and answer, but the websites that users interact with for a deeper experience. Because of this it is now essential to have good user engagement to have effective SEO.

Now we understand why it is important to have good user engagement – how can we get it?

The How?

This is very simple to answer but can be hard to implement. User engagement relies on consistent quality content. The most important aspects being ‘consistent’ and ‘quality.’ It is easy to fill your website with meaningless content. It is far harder to create content that grabs and holds the attention of users and guides them to interact as you want them to. This is the gap that must be bridged for effective SEO.

The focus here is to provide content specifically related to your business and the service you provide. Commonly websites have lengthy chunks of writing on the history of their business or previous projects. Though it is important to build trust by showing previous experience and company goals, your website is not a brochure, it is a tool to accomplish certain goals.

Your website needs content that urges users to complete these goals. The user needs to know:

  • Is the product available?
  • What differentiates the product?
  • What are your unique selling points?
  • What is the cost involved?

Make sure these questions are indirectly but clearly answered in your content, they need to be crisp and clear. If you fail to grab and hold your user’s attention you are losing clients, and in turn revenue. This advice goes for both written and graphical content. Every aspect of the website must have intention and meaning. We commonly see clients who have big flashy websites with lots of moving parts. Although these websites may look impressive they rarely function well. If the content is not directed, targeted and easily understandable you will never engage your client efficiently.

A Common Mistake

If you avoid some come common mistakes you are half-way to creating user engagement that boosts your SEO. One of the most common problems we find at Little Ripple Marketing is that content and user interface is out-of-sync. What we mean by this is that one is good and the other is not up to scratch. This can go either way. Sometimes there is a big flashy website with lots of moving parts but has no content, it’s just a fancy shell. Other times we are given a website with great content and consistent messaging with very little in the way of user interface. It is important to make sure the content and interface complement each other.

A Final Word

User engagement is not only an important SEO factor, it is a crucial aspect of your entire business. Unless users are engaged effectively form the first point of contact you are likely going to lose them. Most businesses cannot afford to lose potential clients if they wish to maintain viability. All businesses cannot afford to lose potential clients if they wish to grow. More than looking at it purely from the standpoint of SEO, we encourage you to look at user engagement on your website as core to the overall function of your business. At Little Ripple Marketing we have been generating marketing waves for small business on a consistent basis. If you have any questions involving digital marketing, including SEO, get in touch with us today.

search engine optimization user engagement

search engine optimization user engagement

search engine optimization user engagement