Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital component to your businesses success, as it allows potential customers to find you – right when they need you. By incorporating SEO you will undoubtedly increase web traffic that will generate more business opportunity for your company. Successful SEO will be dispersed throughout your online marketing strategy as a whole, and incorporated-in and complimented-by, other facets such as your social media marketing and content marketing tactics.

On-page SEO

Numerous on-page factors determine the success of your search engine rankings. We will initiate and audit for your site and produce a thorough report detailing areas that require optimisation in order to increase search engine rankings. If you don't have a current website we can build a fully SEO comprehensive site on your behalf. In order for your site to be best received by search engines we will ensure the content, layout and structure is crafted in the most effective way. Speed is an important determining factor for the success of your website too, if a customers experience with your site is negative and delayed this will decrease your search engine ranking as usability is put on a pedestal.

Off-page SEO

The methods utilised to help your ranking via off-page SEO are to align perfectly with your brand. Link building is beneficial as we can list your site on up-to-date directories that possess positive link equity in order to generate traction for your site. Competitors can be a major downfall for your business if you are constantly being overshadowed. We are equipped with the skills to help you rank higher than an existing competitor through link analysis that will assist with exposure while influencing link opportunities.

Keyword Research

It's vital to gauge the most common keyword combinations users are searching for- to get to your particular product/service or similar through search engines. This insight dramatically strengthens your overall content strategy and marketing strategy, especially when building a website from scratch. If the correct approach is taken initially, this means you don't need to waste time with the trial and error process as your website will be constructed with the most effective content and incorporated keywords. If you have a current site, we can audit this to measure keyword density, which will immediately outline areas in need of optimisation. Keyword analysis and understanding is an essential to generating the right content, and plays a vital role when designing and executing the site as a whole.


To ensure constant progression with your online success, we can generate reports that monitor and track key indicators that will outline your strong points and areas in need of optimisation. This insight allows you to concentrate on the appropriate areas without investing time and resources into other less effective aspects of your online marketing structure. Data is gathered accordingly, in a monthly report and broken down to provide an easy to digest understanding of your current online strengths and weaknesses. Client liaison and customer satisfaction is of our utmost importance, so we will initiate a monthly face-to-face or phone meeting, to ensure your online needs are being met.

Content Development

The quality of your content has the ability to make or break your online credibility. Without well-sequenced and informative content you won't have a solid foundation to build your SEO success from. Without this SEO success you won't generate traffic to your site and ultimately you will remain stagnant online. Content must provide users all the information they require in an easily digestible way. Your website content must encompass your core values in a concise, informative and engaging way in order to encourage browsers to transition into customer.

Competitor Research

If you want to be the highest ranking in your market, it's vital you understand your competitors enough to overtake them. The end goal is to cement the number one ranking on Google to increase traffic to your site dramatically. The crux of SEO competitor analysis is based on the ability to uncover the strategy and online tactics of your competitors and effectively mimic their approach or generating an even stronger online tactic to strive for success. Keyword research is an avenue that can’t be put on the backburner, as this is the foundation of SEO. You need to identify your market and channel in on what they are effectively utilising to increase their profit margin. We will keep a watchful eye on your competition through their backlinks and their on-page SEO.