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Enterprise SEO

Even if you don’t have an enterprise company, the size of your website may necessitate enterprise SEO.

When it comes to enterprise SEO, it’s less about the size of the company and more about the number of pages, especially products or services. If your website has 1,000 or more products, it may be an enterprise site.

Enterprise SEO requires the same activities as regular SEO, but the difference being the scale.

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Enterprise SEO Steps
Enterprise SEO Steps

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Enterprise SEO steps

Enterprise SEO uses the same foundation principles as regular SEO, but the focus and management of it can be different.

Instead of optimising one page at a time it could be 200 at a time. This can be achieved by following these steps.

  1. Keyword Selection
  2. Automated Rules
  3. Optimised Page Templates
  4. Scrupulous Data Entry
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Enterprise SEO is absolutely essential for organisations with 1000s of products or services to ensure everything is working in sync. With a detailed enterprise SEO plan in place you can guarantee that your site will receive a significant increase in high-quality traffic.

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