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What is International SEO?

International SEO may seem like a foreign concept, but it’s something you may need to get familiar with to supersize your business’ growth. We can put you on the map.

Cater to your international visitors by optimising your website in a way that attracts and retains the right visitors. International SEO uses similar tactics to geotargeting and SEO for small businesses. But, instead of optimising your site to attract local customers from your region, you optimise it for countries and languages other than your own.

This helps search engines to understand which countries and languages you’re targeting.

Reach a wider audience. SEO for multilingual websites means you can include the customers you couldn’t before.

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Do you Need to Go International?

Does your business sell its products or services internationally?

The world is becoming increasingly interlinked and a fair portion of your website visitors might come from a country other than Australia, or they may speak different languages. Taking care of your SEO for multi region websites helps you to accommodate all international visitors.

Still unsure about whether international SEO is worth your time? Here are the benefits it can bring about – and we know you care about this list:

  • Decrease bounce rate by avoiding confusion
  • Increase conversions though the power of relevancy
  • Expand your web presence and reach an international audience
  • Get an advantage over your competitors
  • Rank higher in search engines
  • Provide a better user experience
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The Rise of the Hreflang Tag Setup

Over 90% of marketers include content marketing as a part of their strategy. But what portion of businesses are making their content widely available to other parts of the world?

Hreflang tags are opening the doors to more customers, making your content accessible internationally. SEO for multi region websites has hreflang tags at its root.

Google unveiled hreflang tags to the world in 2010. They were originally meant for pages that are in the same language but designed to target different countries. This progressed, so now a hreflang tag setup gets to work on showing Google that you’ve prepared an alternate version of a page in a different language.

It looks a little like this:

So, when you’ve created content specific to a certain audience, search engines know that it’s also available to users searching in another region or language. Those users can view the page in their preferred language and take the necessary steps to that all-important sale.

Speak their Language.

70% of the Internet’s Population doesn’t Speak English.

We’re Impress!ve, and we know SEO. We know that you’ve developed rocking content on your site that you want a wide audience to be able to digest and understand.

When you’re choosing to target international markets, you’re taking your business up to its next level. Get fearless and begin the journey of doing SEO for multi region websites, before your competitors do.

Our international SEO services are crafted to help your company meet its global goals.

Partner with Impress!ve and see where in the world you could go.

Speak to us today for a quote that’s tailored to your unique business and an international marketing strategy that doesn’t cost the world.

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