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Social media marketing in general, is both an effective and inexpensive way to capitalise on online opportunities and reel in potential customers in our digital age. If you can learn to specifically thrive on both a widely and extensively utilised platform like Facebook, this will increase your chance of exposure and success, tenfold. If someone likes a product or service, it’s become the norm to log on to Facebook to follow this business, in order to stay up-to-date on the latest offers. This is why it’s essential that you master all facets of Facebook advertising, to impress users with a combination of quality content, accompanying artwork and of course organic post interaction. The emergence of social media marketing was very quick, so some have the perception that this is a fad form of marketing that is untargeted and offers minimal financial return. This idea couldn’t be more of a fallacy, as social media marketing has remained on an incline since it’s debut. There is a major opportunity for your business to soar if you are effectively utilising platforms like Facebook for marketing purposes. Despite this opportunity existing, businesses have a lack of understanding on what resources to utilise in order to achieve their social media marketing goals.


Facebook advertising allows you to syndicate your content and skyrocket your online prominence. This is a channel where you can personalise your product or service for your customer.  It’s about gaining organic traction from happy customers interacting with you online, and setting the benchmark for your businesses reputation. Never underestimate the strength of an unhappy customers feedback on Facebook, as they can detract majorly from your profit margin if they are consecutively appearing. This comes down to the fact that customers trust other customers, especially if they are geographically located in the same area as them or fall into the same target market.


Each time you post on Facebook, it presents an opportunity for new and old customers to react to this. Whether it be a photo, video, review etc. customers will search for the customer interaction on your post and from there decide whether or not they will commit to your product or service. Every positive interaction you receive on your Facebook posts provides and opportunity for you to convert new customers. It’s no surprise that social media marketing has a proven higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing due to its ability to cement trust between a customer and company.  With over three billion Internet users worldwide and two billion active social media profiles floating around the World Wide Web, there’s no excuse not to utilise such a vastly beneficial form of Internet marketing for your company.


Sequence your dialogue in a way that speaks to your target audience on Facebook and Geo-target to gain exposure wherever you desire. Facebook has transformed into a marketing giant that allows you to build relationship and share content more efficiently. The rise of Facebook as a marketing tool is yet to be hindered, it’s vital you get on board with the right tools at your disposal.


With Facebook advertising and most online marketing, overheads and upfront costs are relatively minimal as you don't have to fork out thousands in order to get your advertisement placed in a publication, or plastered on a billboard, or pay per second for radio or television broadcasting. With a simple yet strategic marketing strategy and a product or service with a great foundation, you're destined to gain progressive traction on Facebook.

Don't overstep the boundary

If you're too repetitive and continuously flood a users newsfeed, they will simply unfollow your business page. You need to disguise the ‘sell, sell, sell’ aspect from Facebook campaigns and sequence them in a way that encourages users to want to find out more about your product or service on their own accord. Be sure you don't scream for online attention through tedious tactics. Organic interest from users will turn customers into long-term clients and proves to be an overall more successful way of keeping current customers whilst attracting new.

Create platform specific content

As Facebook is renowned for being a social space where people interact on a casual level, it's important you are equipped with the ability to generate a marketing campaign that will be quickly and easily digestible by users. Keep your visuals appealing/relevant and your taglines simple/click worthy (not clickbaity). If your advertisement on Facebook comes across too aggressive or obviously trying to sell to a user, people are more likely to disengage, as Facebook is a place where people congregate in a social manner to stay informed and entertained, rather than be inundated by advertising.

Interact with users

When a user takes the time to interact with your post it's important to reciprocate this positive appreciation. It's as equally important to learn ways to better your product or service to increase customer satisfaction, if the feedback is negative. By interacting with users you will cement relationships and paint your business in a positive light for browsers who are looking to utilise your product or service. If browsers see others are impressed by customer interaction on a post, photo or video, this kind of information will work as a guider for 'on the fence' customers.