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tracking keywords


Whether your website has already been getting high positions in search results or has just begun reaching the top of the SERP, you should always know where it is in the SERP.

No matter what your site is currently ranking, you could do on-page SEO, write content, build links, or run technical audits, chances are you’ll have to measure the impact of your work on the website’s rankings. This is especially true if your website operates in a local space since Google’s results can change heavily depending on the geolocation.

Plus, as the world of mobile search only continues to grow, you’re likely seeing a lot of potential traffic coming from mobile users. In order to know where your website stands on mobile and local results, Position Tracking is a must.


track your keyword rankings in semrush


Tracking Changes

As we conduct your SEO campaign, we can use Position Tracking to see how our efforts translate into ranking changes and learn which pages get the most traffic from your target keywords. We will be able to identify your weakest pages that need improvement and monitor your competitor’s rankings all from the same place.

The Position Tracking software tool we use allows us to track your website’s ranking for your targeted keywords in the Google top 100 organic and paid results. Daily updated data shows you how our optimisation efforts help your keyword rankings progress in paid and organic search over time.

tracking competitors


We can also keep track of competitors’ keyword rankings. A side-by-side comparison of your rankings versus your competitors’ points out search terms you need to focus on more. You can add up to ten competitive domains in your tracking campaigns.


location seo keyword tracking in semrush


If you offer services or products in different cities or countries, or if your website is localised, you could rank for thousands of keywords. With the software tool we use, we can create multilingual tracking campaigns for any location you’d like.


Local SEO

When targeting customers in a particular city or town, local SEO strategies are key. In this case, search results on a national level don’t help to estimate your web presence. You need to filter down to location-specific data. Luckily, the Position Tracking software tool we use does this easily for you.

Products and services are not searched for with the same keywords in different cities and countries. Your online competitors change their strategies from location to location as well. Do you always know who you are competing with for local search results? Competitive landscape is constantly changing, and you should never focus only on your strongest competitors and underestimate new market arrivals.

target devices for keyword rankings

Target different devices

Buyers can view your website on their smartphones while they are on their way to the office, on their desktops when they are at work, or on their tablets while they are travelling or relaxing at home.

Do you know which device is working best for your website?

While creating tracking campaigns with the our software Position Tracking tool, we can select whether statistics will be collected from desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

By viewing keyword rankings from a specific device, you will be able to better understand your website’s performance on the multi-device market, adjust device targeting and bid settings of your Google Ads campaigns in favour of more effective channels, and revise your organic content strategy.



Disappointed with your Google keyword rankings?

If your site doesn’t rank where you’d like, you’re not alone.

Search results come with intense competition, whether from direct or indirect competitors. Not to mention, SEO requires a full-fledged strategy for what happens on and off your website. That’s why many small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) partner with experienced agencies like Little Ripple Marketing.

Whether you’re looking to improve your rankings, increase your organic traffic with organic search marketing, or boost your online sales, our  team can help.

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